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Welcome to my website !

The following pages are dedicated to my Carelian Bear Dogs – a breed it has been my great privilege and pleasure to have had as companions since 1967. The Carelian Bear Dog is noted for its great loyalty, independence, beauty, courage, endurance, fearlessness and stubbornness and it is exactly these qualities that are so attractive in the breed which have also given the breed its reputation for not being easy to live or work with. But I have found over the years that it is quite possible to train Carelians to do obedience, agility and tracking – it just takes longer to convince them that there is any earthly reason for doing what you ask them to do rather than doing what they themselves want to do. So my dogs do obedience, agility and tracking along with being shown in conformation and we all have great fun doing it !

Please feel free to browse through the pages and see my dogs – both my present ones and the ones that went before – they are all special and very dear to me. Click on the links below and see them do agility and tracking and look in on the pages on breeding if you are interested in a puppy. You can click on the pictures and have them enlarged and in the pedigrees you can click on the names of the dogs that are underlined and you will see a picture of the dog.

My dogs are fed according to the principles of the BARF diet.


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